In response to the situation caused by Covid-19, the Alhambra hotel has implemented protocols for each hotel department based on the following premises:

Security for collaborators and clients .
Reduce contact in Customer-Collaborator interactions
Optimization of operating processes, simplifying and digitizing the service

Based on these principles, a complete list of “Alhambra take care of you” initiatives have been drawn up.

Pre-arrival email. Before the client's arrival, he will be contacted via email to be informed of all the measures taken and the possibility of checking in online.
Reduction of gauging. A space management tool is implemented to reduce capacity in common areas and swimming pools to guarantee personal distance.
Significant increases in regular disinfection in all areas of the hotel.
Hydroalcoholic solutions for hands are incorporated in common areas. The client who wishes may purchase a prevention kit (masks and gloves).
Individual protective equipment (PPE) and training courses on hygiene and health standards.
New protocols for cleaning and disinfecting rooms.
The stationery is removed from the room. The bathroom trash is provided with a lid and a double bag.
Decorative elements that cannot comply with the new cleaning protocol per stay (washing at more than 60º) are removed.
Cleaning on request. The client may decide to use or not the cleaning service during their stay. The cleaning of the room will always be done in the absence of the client.
Buffet market. We adapt our buffet to the Market format, offering a wide variety of meals served directly by our chefs. This optimizes flow and limits food handling.
The distance measures of tables in the restaurant are incorporated in order to guarantee the personal security distance
Happy Picnic. The concept “to go” has been improved for the clients who want to enjoy their food wherever they want.
The QR code is incorporated for our restaurant menus.